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Aleksander Milchtach Slaw, co-author of the project "Man Overboard. Jews from Lodz 50 years after March" without informing the other authors of the project on November 8th. 2018, made a public statement during the opening of the exhibition at the City Hall in Copenhagen about his own decision to waive his copyright of the project for the Danish Jewish Museum in Copenhagen.

Due to this situation, all further presentations, exhibitions, film screenings and educational programs based on this very important and valuable project are suspended until the completion of formalities and signing of relevant documents by Alexander Milchtach Slaw.

Regarding the project please contact:
tel.: +48 609 623 618
tel.: +45 53 73 10 10

Kamila Bogulewska - originator, author and producer of the project
Bartosz Dabrowski - co-author and producer of the project